NYMCU Digital Banking | Municipal Credit Union (2023)

Digital Banking Designed with Member Success in Mind

Almost everything you can do at a local branch can now be done from the comfort of wherever you are, with NYMCU Digital Banking.

Set up automatic bill payments, view accounts at a glance, manage your MCU debit and credit cards, and more—all right at your fingertips when you download the NYMCU Mobile App.

With more ways to manage your money, you get more bank for your buck.

Elevate Your Banking.

Spend less time sorting papers, checks, and bills. As an MCU member, you get access to the features of a local branch in the palm of your hand. Take bill payment, mobile check deposit, card balances, and other powerful tools with you wherever you go, with banking designed for the greatest city in the world.

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Manage Your Accounts.

One of the best parts of NYMCU Digital Banking is you can see what you're doing with your money, as you’re doing it. You don't have to wait in line at a branch, wait for anything in the mail, or wait for a representative on the phone. Get efficient banking with our highly-rated mobile app and get banking done faster.

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Manage Your Debit or Credit Cards.

Manage your debit or credit card when you need it, with NYMCU Digital Banking. MCU has two great mobile apps to help you manage your cards. With the NYMCU Mobile App, you can view your bill and pay your MCU Platinum VISA® or TRUE Rewards Cash Back VISA® card balance. The NYMCU MyCard App lets you manage your Debit card—including turning a lost card off/on, setting travel notices, managing your PIN, or setting alerts.

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Pay Your Bills.

Schedule and send payments—to other accounts, businesses, or even person-to-person—with our Bill Pay feature. You can even set up recurring payments to be made automatically, so you can deliver funds before they’re due.

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Deposit Your Checks.

Take a photo to deposit a check using your phone* and get the deposit as quickly as you would if you visited a local branch. Just snap a quick picture of your check, upload using the NYMCU Mobile App, and go!

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Build Your Budgets.

Take advantage of budgeting tools to plan out your financial future. Use money management tools that make it easy to spend—and save—wisely.

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Elevate Your Banking.

NYMCU Digital Banking gives you all the information a teller can provide about your accounts, transactions, transfers, etc., at a glance. Your dashboard lets you showcase certain accounts in front, color-coded so you can process your dashboard more quickly, and keep certain accounts out of view.

Your Dashboard is the main screen that displays an overview of your accounts.

Widgets are the icons along the left side of your dashboard.

How to Reorganize Your Dashboard

By default, your dashboard has certain widgets pinned already. You can add or remove widgets from being seen and then you can favorite and reorder the widgets you do want to see.

To do this, go to Settings > Select the “Widgets” tab.

A gold start [icon] indicates a favorite widget. Select or deselect to add/remove from your favorites.

To reorder widgets, click "Reorder Favorites" which will let you click down and drag widgets to the order you want.

View our guides for how to manage your NYMCU Digital Banking dashboard to discover more ways to customize your online banking experience.



Getting Started (Desktop App)

Getting Started (Mobile App)

Manage Your Accounts.

NYMCU Digital Banking access makes it easy to understand your money at a glance and dig deep for meaningful insights. Transfer money, schedule payments, and even categorize and search for specific transactions.

Categorize Transactions.

How much do you spend on streaming services each month? If you assign categories to your subscription payments—or any transaction—you’ll know how much you spend for that category on an ongoing basis. You don’t have to categorize all transactions, only the ones you’re interested in knowing about.

To categorize a transaction, go to “Accounts” from your dashboard. Look for the list of transactions and select “Add categories” on any transaction.

You can use the suggested categories from the list we’ve made or simply add your own category by clicking “Manage” at the bottom of the list, then “Add Category” to edit, delete, or add categories.

Some transactions will already be given a category automatically. You can reassign a new category at any time or simply remove it from that category. It can be helpful to assign transactions to a “discretionary” category to separate necessary expenses like transportation and food from going out or gifts.

NYMCU Digital Banking lets you search for transactions by category, date, keyword, and more. Learn about managing your account so you can stay on track with your financial goals.


Getting Started

Setting up Alerts

Accessing eStatements

Manage Your Debit or Credit Cards.

NYMCU Digital Banking gives you control over your debit and credit cards. Keep your banking information secure, shop worldwide, and take advantage of tools that allow you to manage your debit and credit cards.

Managing Your Credit and Debit Cards

Whether you want to get notifications for big purchases or need to initiate a balance transfer, you can manage your credit card instantly to apply those settings to future transactions.

To manage a credit card, click on the "••• More" button to expand the menu. Choose "Card Management" and select your card by the last four digits. This will open the card settings screen.

From here, you can block or unblock your card from allowing transactions, set Alert Thresholds to be notified of transactions that exceed a certain dollar amount, choose from Replacement Options in case your card is missing, and more.

To manage your debit card, download the NYMCU MyCard App.

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Adding Your Credit and Debit Cards to Your Digital Wallet

Want even more convenience at your fingertips? Add your MCU Debit or Credit Card to your digital wallet for easy access to all of your funds, even when you don’t have your card on you.

Learn more about your preferred digital wallet option:

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NYMCU Digital Banking | Municipal Credit Union (11)

NYMCU Digital Banking | Municipal Credit Union (12)

We want to give members the flexibility you need to bank with intention so that you can reach your financial goals with purpose. Read our full guide to learn about foreign transactions and travel notices.


Manage Credit Card

Pay Your Bills.

MCU Bill Pay ensures you're always on time by paying your bills in the background. Stay ahead of payments on recurring expenses such as monthly utility costs and your phone bill.

Begin with Your Bill in Hand.

To set up a payee for the first time, start by getting your bill statement.

In the left menu, select the Bill Pay widget. On the Bill Pay screen, select "Add Payee" to create a new Business payee, then click "Next.

From there, you'll need to enter that payee's name of business, the account number of the Default Funding Account you intend to use for payment, and the payee's business information like their address and phone number.

And you're done! From there, you may be asked to verify your authorization to add a payee to your own account. This is a necessary security precaution.

We suggest you keep a list of your payees for your own records, even if it's on a piece of paper you keep in a safe place. For more on how to keep your bills in order or how to view your payment history, view our guide to using Bill Pay.


Billpay FAQs

Deposit Your Checks.

Just take a photo of a check and instantly begin the process to have funds in your MCU account as soon as possible. No need to visit your local branch, and you can keep the original for your records.

Mobile Deposit Works Anywhere Your Phone Does.

Find a flat surface, fill out your check as you normally would, then open the NYMCU Digital Banking app on your phone to deposit. In addition, you need to write "For MCU Mobile Deposit Only" below the signature line.

In the app, go to Mobile Deposit.

For "Deposit Account," select where you want the funds to be deposited and write the exact amount on the check. Do not enter an approximation or a partial amount.

Note: Do not attempt to deposit beyond your daily deposit amount that may be displayed below the amount on this screen when applicable.

Tap the camera icons with “Check front” and “Check back” to take a photo of the side of your check that corresponds. You may be prompted to grant access to your phone camera - allow camera access. This is required in order to use Mobile Deposit and your camera will not be used by the app when you’re not using it.

Here are a few tips on capturing your check:

  • Place your check on a flat surface that contrasts with the color of the check. Most checks are light in color, so put your check on a solid black or dark surface.
  • Be sure that the lighting of the check and surrounding surface is the same. Angle overhead lights so they point down toward you onto the check so you don’t create a shadow.
  • Capture the entire check rather than cutting off part of it so it fits in your phone’s display. The software may require information in the margins.

Once you have good photos of the front and back of your check, tap "Deposit Check". You’ll receive confirmation of the approval via email or mobile app notification.

For more about Mobile Check Deposit and how you can rely on your smartphone for all your banking, check out Check Deposit below and other guides on this page.


Check Deposit

Build Your Budgets.

See your accounts in one place, updated in real time, with detailed insights that matter in the moment. Categorize your transactions, find specific purchases, and review your budget to see if you're on track.

Create a Budget in a Few Minutes.

Instead of building a budget in a notebook or in a spreadsheet, you can select the Budget widget from your NYMCU Digital Banking dashboard and set one up there.

The Budgets screen will display your accounts on the left and categories of transactions on the right. Check out Manage Your Accounts to see how you can create and edit categories.

At the top left, you can enter the Budget Name. Members usually use this for their monthly budget, but this can apply to a certain period of time or be an ongoing check-in on your spending. This may reflect the accounts you want to monitor, which you'll select on the left.

Depending on your budget goals, select which budget categories you'd like to monitor. For example, if you're looking to limit spending on going out to eat, add Food & Dining to the Expenses box.

Then, put your limit or estimated spending for each category. As you spend and earn money, those categories of transactions will be recorded in your budget for the accounts you selected.

You can track your “Total Budget Progress” and discover how your actual expenses and income compare to your budget. You can also turn on alerts for when you exceed your budget.

Track your budget progress and get alerts when you’ve overspent for a certain category. Find out about other Digital Banking features and tips for staying on budget in our complete guides.



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