Piers in Horry, Georgetown counties reported damaged by Hurricane Ian (2023)

GEORGETOWN— Following Hurricane Ian's landfall, reports of damage across the Grand Strand started coming in, including two destroyed piers.

The hurricane made landfall at Georgetown at 2:05 p.m. on Sept. 30, the Weather Channel reported.

Flooding damaged at least two piers including the Cherry Grove Pier in North Myrtle Beach and the Pawleys Island Pier.

The middle section of the Cherry Grove pier in Horry County has collapsed, WMBF reported at 2 p.m. The Cherry Grove pier was also damaged by Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

In Georgetown County, the end of the end of the Pawleys Island pier has collapsed and floated south, Pawleys Island Police Department reported at 1:23 p.m.on Twitter.

Pawleys Island police also tweeted "Someone's dock is blocking the N Causeway in front of town hall."

Pawleys Island town administrator Daniel Newquist said just after 3 p.m. on Sept. 30 that water was beginning to recede in the area but that the island’s roads are still “far from navigable” and will remain closed for the foreseeable future, though workers from the S.C. Department of Transportation could be on scene as soon as the evening of Sept. 30 if conditions permit.

“We’re utilizing all the resources we can, but we’re certainly encouraging people to be as safe and cautious as possible, definitely not try to drive on any of our roads at the moment,” Newquist said.

Newquist said that he knew of at least one rescue undertaken on Myrtle Avenue, the island’s main north-south stretch. The town began encouraging people to stay away from the island starting Sept. 29, he said, and he presumes that the entire island has lost power.

Newquist said that he was on the phone with a Wall Street Journal reporter at Pawleys Island Town Hall around 12:30 p.m. on Sept. 30 when the building lost power.

“Anything immediate, call the (Georgetown County) disaster call center number,” Newquist said, also encouraging residents to follow the town’s website and social media accounts, as well the social media accounts of the Pawleys Island Police Department.

The call center can be reached at 843-545-3273, but Georgetown County noted on the morning of Sept. 30 that the call center is experiencing “intermittent outages” due to ongoing power issues.

(Video) Flagler Beach Pier sustains significant damage from Ian

Myrtle Beach Police on Twitter were telling motorists to avoid the flooded roads.

"Don't drive through flooded roadways. Take another route and stay safe. This is 3rd Ave S and Ocean Blvd," they tweeted, along with video of an SUV driving down aflooded street.

“I'm hearing that we have more flooding on Ocean Boulevard than I thought, with some vehicles stranded in the waters. It's coming in from the low spots,“ Mark Kruea, Myrtle Beach public information officer, texted at 2:30 p.m.

“Myrtle Beach Fire crews responded to 316 4th Ave S for a structure fire. There was no fire, but Truck 6 rescued 4 people who were trapped on the second floor due to flooding in the area," the Myrtle Beach Fire Department tweeted around 2:30.

Surfside Beach Police Chief Kenneth Hofmann emphasized to the public that they should not come downtown due to the unsafe conditions in the area.

“We’ve already had to rescue some people out of the water,” Hofmann said during a livestream. “If people don’t stop coming down here, we’re going to have to ask the mayor to set a curfew and we don’t want to do that. Please don’t come down here.”

“Hurricane Ian is preparing to make landfall anytime now on the South Carolina coast,” Brandon Ellis, Georgetown County emergency services director, said just after 1 p.m. on Sept. 30. “The eye of the storm is approaching an area between Awendaw and Georgetown as we speak as a Category 1 storm with 85 mph winds.”

Effects felt by the county the morning and early afternoon of Sept. 30 included “several downed trees throughout the area, flooded streets (and) incredible storm surge impacts being felt on our coastal communities and tidal marshlands.”

Ellis encouraged residents to stay inside as the storm arrives.

“We encourage everyone, stay at home, do not get out, make sure that you’re taking care of, that you and your family are safe,” Ellis said. “Don’t put yourself in jeopardy just to take advantage of the sights and sounds of this great and powerful storm that is impacting our area.”

Ellis said “several” of the county’s utility partners have ceased aerial operations such as the use of bucket trucks to repair power lines. The most serious hazard the county is seeing thus far, he said, is storm surge along the county coast. High winds have also downed trees, in some cases across roadways.

In a Facebook video, Georgetown Mayor Carol Jayroe asked residents to stay off the streets as the storm made its approach around 1 p.m.

“Our first responders are very busy with the most important things that need to be done right now, so don’t put our first responders in harm’s way,” Jayroe said. “Stay home, stay safe, we will get through this, and we have a lot of staff and other help coming to us from other parts of the state. The state has been in contact with us, the Department of Transportation has been in contact with us, the governor, (state) Rep. (Lee) Hewitt, (U.S. Sen.) Tim Scott’s office, so we have lots of support coming to us. So let’s stay home and we’ll assess the damage as soon as we get through this.”

(Video) Iconic Mayport Poles damaged by Hurricane Ian, float to Jacksonville Beach Pier

“Worst of the winds will be upon the county over the next 3-4 hours. Number of roads closed in Garden City due to inundation,” Thomas Bell, Horry County Public Information Officer, stated by text at about 1:40 p.m.

Surfside Beach Police Chief Kenneth Hofmann said that many parts of Ocean Boulevard are currently under at least a few inches of water, and at least three sections of Ocean Boulevard are closed due to flooding in the area.

Hofmann told residents not to drive in the area due to these unsafe conditions.

“Just a reminder to motorists, if you drive down through here, please heed the barricades. Don’t drive around them,” Hofmann said through the city’s Facebook page. “Not only could it be deep water, but remember, you’re driving through salt water. Salt water conditions are not good for your vehicle to drive through. Don’t come down here if you can help it.”

Power outages continued to rise into the afternoon as Hurricane Ian made landfall Sept. 30.

As of 1:30 p.m., Santee Electric Cooperative was reporting 4,628 customers without power in Georgetown County, and 2,871 without power in Williamsburg County.

Horry Electric Cooperative reported 4,016 customers without power, and the Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina (except for Marlboro Electric Cooperative and Pee Dee Electric Cooperative) were reporting 42,829 outtages.

Ellis confirmed that crews responded to a downed tree that impacted a home on Graham Lane near Georgetown, reportedly causing injuries. Ellis said first responders were responding to “numerous” calls for downed trees throughout the county.

“Our crews are working diligently to respond to all calls for service as conditions allow,” Ellis said. “Once conditions reach an unsafe point we will cease response operations until they improve.”

The town of Andrews posted on its Facebook page that power lines were down on Jones Avenue and Privet Street on the morning of Sept. 30, while trees had fallen near Tony’s Famous Pizza on North Morgan Avenue and along S.C. Highway 41. The town had previously announced on the night of Sept. 29 that municipal offices would be closed on Sept. 30.

From Myrtle Beach Police Department reported around 12:40 p.m. that the lights at the intersection of Kings Highway and 3rd Avenue South are out.

Loud gusts of wind and rain and mauve morning skies heralded the arrival of Hurricane Ian's outer bands early Sept. 30.

(Video) Drone video shows damage to Flagler Beach pier caused by Ian

The Category 1 Hurricane, less than 100 miles south of Charleston was making its way north toward South Carolina at about 9 mph, but already the monster storm was pelting Georgetown and Horry counties with driving rain, and lights were flickering around Georgetown County.

Piers in Horry, Georgetown counties reported damaged by Hurricane Ian (1)

In Myrtle Beach, two women walk in the rain along North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach around 10 a.m., one of them pushing a stroller, struggling against the wind. Homeless people wander along the street, one carrying a pillow, others with sacks of belongings, looking for shelter.

Debris was apparent along 21st Avenue and it was very windy and rainy around 9:30 a.m., with some people walking or biking around, but not many. Two couples exited a diner on the Boardwalk while a few cars were driving around. A small group of people were camped out underneath the pathways from the main road to the beach in the Boardwalk.

Neon signs along the mostly deserted Boardwalk added a surreal feel as the wind and rain intensified. Along 37th Avenue north, there was less debris but some flooding beginning around 10 a.m.

In North Myrtle Beach, officials were busy setting up traffic cones along intersections in Cherry Grove that typically flood while emergency vehicle sirens could heard in the distance. Waves splashed violently against the Cherry Grove Pier, just a few joggers made their way past.

In Georgetown, the mayor declared a state of civil emergency with a proclamation Sept. 29, allowing city council members who may have evacuated ahead of the storm or who cannot travel to an emergency meeting to attend via phone. The proclamation also authorizes the mayor or mayor pro tem to "issue such orders in the interest of public safety and welfare as are imminently necessary for the protection of life and property."

At 10 a.m. on Sept. 30, Jayroe issued a statement on Hurricane Ian.

"In early afternoon on September 30th, Hurricane Ian is scheduled to make landfall between Charleston and Myrtle Beach. Governor McMaster called to offer any assistance the State can provide to keep Georgetown safe. Currently, our electric crews have suspended doing aerial work.

"Transportation Secretary Christy Hall has also reached out and SCDOT will be assisting the City with debris pickup as weather permits.

(Video) Flagler Beach Pier hanging on through storm despite damage

"I am asking our city residents to stay home as the wind and rain are beginning to pick up this morning," the mayor stated.

Georgetown County recycling centers and the landfill were closing at 10 a.m. due to worsening wind conditions, except the Pawleys Island center, which closed immediately.

Likewise, city and county offices were closed Sept. 30 ahead of Ian's landfall.

Georgetown Emergency Management noted that the forecast for Hurricane Ian has shifted further up the coast but authorities anticipate the same impacts mentioned earlier as the storm is currently bringing wind and rain to our area. Impacts expected include strong winds, surge inundation, heavy rainfall and isolated tornadoes.


Horry County Emergency Management warns residents that those in low-lying coastal areas (Garden City, Surfside, Cherry Grove) need to pay attention to the high-tide this morning. Be aware that roads that are prone to coastal flooding are likely to see inundation.

Do not drive through flooded roads and do not drive around any barricades. If you are concerned about the water, leave before the tide rolls in.

Dangerous storm surge is expected across coastal areas of northeast SC, especially around high tide today at around 11:15 a.m. Surge inundation of 4-7 ft is expected across NE SC coastline, according to the National Weather Service Wilmington.


Governor Henry McMaster will hold a media briefing with state emergency management officials at 12:30 p.m. Sept. 30. The governor will update the public on Hurricane Ian's impact on South Carolina.

This is an developing story and will be updated. Last update 3:49 p.m.

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Randal Seyler, Mike Woodel, Rick Caines and Nicole Ziege contributed to this report.

(Video) Hurricane Ian; Naples Pier, FL Archive


What piers were damaged by Hurricane Ian? ›

The end of the Pawleys Island pier collapsed and was floating south around 1:30 p.m., according to a Twitter post from the Pawleys Island Police Department. The hurricane also destroyed part of the Cherry Grove Pier in North Myrtle Beach, according to posts on social media.

What pier was damaged by Ian in Myrtle Beach? ›

Hurricane Ian severely damaged piers after it made a landfall in Myrtle Beach, SC on September 30, 2022.

Did Ian damage Cherry Grove Pier? ›

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WPDE) — When Hurricane Ian hit in September, it damaged five piers along the Grand Strand, one of them including the Cherry Grove Pier. The rebuild began in January when supplies such as a truckload of lumber were delivered to the pier in order for construction to begin.

What South Carolina piers were damaged by hurricane? ›

GRAND STRAND, S.C. (WMBF) - Parts of the Cherry Grove Pier, Apache Pier and 2nd Avenue Pier collapsed Friday afternoon as Hurricane Ian made landfall. Hurricane Ian has caused major flooding throughout the Grand Strand, the piers are among many structures downed by the storm surge.

What towns were damaged in Hurricane Ian? ›

Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel Island, Pine Island, Captiva Island sustained the most damage, with officials saying not one structure escaped damage. Cape Coral, with more than 200,000 residents and Fort Myers, felt the effects, with the worst extending to the U.S. 41 corridor and slightly behind.

What areas were most damaged by Hurricane Ian? ›

Key Facts. The southwest Florida coast where Ian made landfall on Wednesday as a Category 4 storm experienced the harshest effects from the storm, including Lee County, which covers Fort Myers and Cape Coral, which were “inundated and devastated” by Ian, Florida Gov.

Did the Garden city pier get destroyed in Hurricane Ian? ›

The Pawleys Island Pier, Cherry Grove Pier, Apache Pier and Myrtle Beach 2nd Avenue Pier had all been damaged. The Garden City Pier outside their building seemed unaffected.

Was Myrtle Beach State Park pier damaged? ›

A portion of the pier will hopefully reopen in 30-90 days.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach State Park is working to repair the pier that was damaged during Hurricane Ian. “We hope to have a portion of the pier open within the next 30 to 90 days,” said Myrtle Beach State Park Manager Troy Crider.

Did Murrells Inlet get damage from Ian? ›

Pawleys Island got hit hard by Hurricane Ian and saw storm surges and flooding. However, the Murrells Inlet Marshwalk eventually bounced back after the storm passed through. Now that it's safe to visit, you can still see outstanding scenic views at this SC attraction.

Did Fisherman's Village get damaged in Ian? ›

Upon arriving on Matlacha, a small fishing village with an arts flair, Cris was set on helping residents rebuild after their community was demolished by Ian's wind and storm surge.

Is Myrtle Beach safe from Ian? ›

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WPDE) — Myrtle Beach area has resumed normal operations for visitors following Hurricane Ian, and the CVB has expanded its fall marketing campaign throughout October to include “Coast is Clear” messaging to reassure visitors that The Beach is open for business.

Is Cherry Grove Pier being rebuilt? ›

The Cherry Grove Pier is currently closed for repairs and not accessible for any traffic. Driftwood Restaurant and Pier Tackle Shop NOW OPEN! May 2023 update: Pier Reconstruction Continues - expected to open late July/early August, Closed to all traffic.

What pier fell in South Carolina? ›

PAWLEYS ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD) – A pier on Pawleys Island has collapsed as Hurricane Ian batters the South Carolina coast on Friday. The Pawleys Island Police Department shared two photos of strong waves crashing into the pier and eventually overtaking the structure. They said the pier was “floating south.”

What pier collapsed in North Myrtle Beach? ›

The storm caused a middle section of the Cherry Grove Pier in North Myrtle Beach to collapse. It was just one of the many structures downed in the area from storm surge. The Cherry Grove Pier is a landmark in the area. It was built in the early 1950s and was remodeled and lengthened in 1999 after Hurricane Floyd.

Did the Cocoa beach pier get damaged? ›

Boat docks damaged in Cocoa

The docks reopened in June 2020 after Irma caused $1.7 million in damage in 2017.

What town survived Hurricane Ian? ›

Babcock Ranch, which calls itself America's first solar-powered town, survived Hurricane Ian with little to no damage.

How many homes destroyed by Ian? ›

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian's impact on Fort Myers, Florida, in September, many residents struggled to find shelter. The storm caused widespread destruction, with 5,000 homes destroyed and another 30,000 severely damaged, according to CoStar Group Inc.

How far inland did Ian storm surge go? ›

All that sent water as far as 25 miles inland.

What was the worst hurricane in history? ›

The most intense hurricane on record to hit the U.S. is the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935. It was a Category 5 storm that hit the Florida Keys and claimed 408 lives, most of whom were World War I veterans building roads as part of a federal relief project. A train sent to evacuate them was derailed by the powerful storm.

Did Siesta Key get hit by Ian? ›

Significant, life-altering damage occurred as nearby as Venice, but Siesta Key remained mostly unscathed during the terrifying six hours of Sept. 28's massive Hurricane Ian.

What beach was not affected by Hurricane Ian? ›

Sarasota and Manatee county beaches escaped Hurricane Ian, for the most part, fairly unscathed.

Is Myrtle Beach closed from Ian? ›

Myrtle Beach Area is Open for Business Following Hurricane Ian.

What is the longest pier at Myrtle Beach? ›

The Apache Pier, part of the larger Apache Family Campground, is the East Coast's longest wooden pier. Open 365 days a year, the pier is the perfect spot to drop a line and try your luck with the fish or just take a relaxing stroll and check out the scenery.

Did North Myrtle Beach get damage from Ian? ›

Hurricane Ian caused $13M in damages to North Myrtle Beach.

Will Pawleys Island be affected by Ian? ›

An October assessment by Columbia-based engineering consultant Coastal Science and Engineering found that dunes near the island's south end “completely eroded” during Ian. The assessment also suggested that beach renourishment undertaken on the island in 2020 limited damage to area homes from Ian.

Was Pawleys Island hit by Ian? ›

PAWLEYS ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD) – In the days since Hurricane Ian made landfall in South Carolina, coastal communities have been picking up the pieces. That includes Pawleys Island, which is 13 miles north of Georgetown, where the storm made landfall. The island was heavily impacted by the hurricane.

What beaches did Hurricane Ian affect? ›

Get it sent to your inbox. On Sept. 28, Hurricane Ian made landfall on Cayo Costa, a barrier island northwest of Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Fla., as a Category 4 storm with sustained winds of more than 150 miles per hour. Killing 149 people in Florida, it was the state's deadliest hurricane since 1935.

Will the villages be affected by Ian? ›

The Villages was spared the brunt of Hurricane Ian and held up incredibly well.

Was Marco Island damaged during Ian? ›

Ian was the deadliest hurricane to hit Florida since 1935 with at least 157 fatalities. Marco Island experienced an average of 8 feet of storm surge and had 304 residential buildings and 63 commercial buildings with significant damage. Over 300 vessels were displaced or damaged.

Did villages flood during Ian? ›

Hurricane Ian's Impact On Our Area

There were no reports of flooding or injuries.

Is it safe to swim in the Gulf after Ian? ›

That depends in part on your own health and your body's ability to fight potential infection. Or if you have an open skin wound. Even though it's been more than four months since Hurricane Ian polluted the Gulf with bacteria and debris, anybody can contract an infection from the water that can be deadly.

How much damage did Myrtle Beach get from Ian? ›

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The City of Myrtle Beach estimates that Hurricane Ian caused about $2.7 million in damage across the city.

How hard was Myrtle Beach hit by Ian? ›

Winds topping 60 mph tore across Garden City and parts of North Myrtle Beach where roofs and siding peeled off homes.

What is the largest shark caught off Cherry Grove Pier? ›

In 1964, The 1,780-pound, world record tiger shark was caught by Walter Maxwell from Cherry Grove Pier. It remains to this day the only all-tackle world record ever caught in South Carolina.

Who owns the Cherry Grove Pier? ›

The Cherry Grove Pier was built early in the 1950's and has been owned by the Prince family since 1965.

Did the Pawleys Island pier collapse? ›

The tail end of a pier on Pawleys Island collapsed Friday afternoon and is floating in the water. PAWLEYS ISLAND, S.C. (WCSC) - The tail end of a pier on Pawleys Island collapsed Friday afternoon and is floating in the water.

Who are the new owners of Carolina Beach Pier? ›

Fortunately, new owner Katherinn "Kat" Kloss said she didn't want to change the dynamic of the longtime business. But she has updated the Carolina Beach Pier and added some new ideas since June 2022.

How many piers does Myrtle Beach have? ›

Pier 14. Pier 14 is one of four fishing piers in Myrtle Beach and one of two accessible along the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. Multiple piers have stood at the site since 1926, with the current pier built in 1984.

Did Cherry Grove Pier wash away? ›

A huge chunk of the iconic Cherry Grove Pier was swept away. “You could hear popping and cracking. The boards were making sounds of that nature.

Where did the boat wash up on Myrtle Beach? ›

According to the city, the U.S. Coast Guard rescued the crew on Thursday as Ian crawled toward the South Carolina coastline. No one was on it when it washed ashore Friday afternoon near 22nd Avenue South at the Williams Street beach access.

When was Springmaid Pier destroyed? ›

The Springmaid Pier was severely damaged during Hurricane Matthew on October 8, 2016. Only 100 feet of the pier, which stretched 1,068 feet into the Atlantic, remained in tact.

What pier was destroyed by Hurricane Ian in Myrtle Beach? ›

The hurricane also destroyed part of the Cherry Grove Pier in North Myrtle Beach, according to posts on social media. The pier, which was 985 feet long, was built in the early 1950s.

Was Naples Pier damaged in Hurricane Ian? ›

Hurricane Ian caused widespread flooding near the beaches in old Naples and heavily damaged the Naples Pier.

Will Naples Pier be rebuilt? ›

PREVIOUS COVERAGE: When will the Naples Pier be rebuilt? The City of Naples told NBC2 that they expect the project to cost over $10,000,000 and construction to begin at some time in 2024.

Is the Naples Pier still standing after Hurricane Ian? ›

Almost five months since Hurricane Ian destroyed the historic Naples Pier, the City of Naples is moving toward a plan to redesign and rebuild the popular attraction. City officials are seeking input from the community on the new pier.

Is Naples Pier going to be rebuilt? ›

NAPLES, Fla. — What's next for the 135-year-old Naples Pier? Wednesday, Naples City Council members voted to keep the pier's classic look as reconstruction begins, and rebuild the construction stand at the midpoint area.

Is it safe to go to Myrtle Beach after Hurricane Ian? ›

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WPDE) — Myrtle Beach area has resumed normal operations for visitors following Hurricane Ian, and the CVB has expanded its fall marketing campaign throughout October to include “Coast is Clear” messaging to reassure visitors that The Beach is open for business.

Did Myrtle Beach get hit hard by Ian? ›

Myrtle Beach State Park is scheduled to reopen on Monday following the storm. Several piers up in down the Grand Strand suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Ian, including Cherry Grove and Pawleys Island piers. Copyright 2022 WMBF.


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