The Wind Rises (2023)

In 1918, a youngJiro Horikoshilongs to become a pilot, but his nearsightedness prevents it. He reads about the famous Italian aircraft designerGiovanni Battista Caproni, and dreams about him that night. In the dream, Caproni tells him that he has never flown a plane in his life, and that building planes is better than flying them.

Five years later, Jiro is traveling by train to study aeronautical engineering atTokyo Imperial Universityand meets a young girl, Naoko Satomi, traveling with her maid. When theGreat Kanto Earthquake of 1923hits, Naoko’s maid’s leg is broken and Jiro carries her to Naoko’s family, leaving without giving his name.

In 1927, Jiro graduates with his friendKiro Honjoand both are employed at aircraft manufacturerMitsubishiand are assigned to design a fighter plane, theFalcon, for theImperial Army. During tests, theFalconbreaks apart in mid-air and the Army rejects it. Dispirited about the seeming backwardness of Japanese technology, Jiro and Honjo are sent toGermanyin 1929 to carry out technical research and obtain a production license for aJunkers G.38aircraft. Jiro seesHugo Junkers, argues with German guards and witnesses a minor Jew hunt. He dreams again of Caproni, who tells him that the world is better for the beauty of planes, even if humankind might put them to ugly purposes.

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In the spring of 1932, Jiro is promoted to chief designer for a fighter plane competition sponsored by theImperial Navy, but his design, theMitsubishi 1MF10, fails testing in 1933 and is rejected. Disappointed, Jiro goes to a summer resort inKaruizawato rest, where he meets Naoko again. They become engaged, but Naoko hastuberculosisand refuses to marry until she recovers. Castorp, a German visitor privately critical of theNaziregime, assists in the romance before fleeing arrest by the Japanesesecret police.

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Naoko Satomi

Wanted in connection with Castorp, Jiro hides at his supervisor’s home while he works on a new navy project. Following alung hemorrhage, Naoko recuperates in an alpinesanatoriumbut cannot bear being apart from Jiro, and returns to marry him. Jiro’s sister Kayo, a doctor, warns Jiro that his marriage to Naoko will end badly as tuberculosis is incurable. Though Naoko’s health deteriorates, she and Jiro enjoy their time together.

Jiro leaves for the test flight of his new prototype aircraft, theMitsubishi A5M. Knowing that she will die soon, Naoko returns to the sanatorium, leaving letters for Jiro, her family, and friends. At the test site, Jiro is distracted from his success by a gust of wind, suggesting Naoko’s death.

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In the summer of 1945, Japan has lostWorld War IIand has been devastated byair raids. Jiro again dreams of meeting Caproni, telling him he regrets his aircraft was used for war. A group ofZerosfly past and their pilots salute Jiro. Caproni comforts him, saying Jiro’s dream of building beautiful aircraft was nonetheless realized. Naoko appears, exhorting her husband to live his life to the fullest.

The characters

The Wind Rises (1)Naoko Satomi
Arrietty Clock is the protagonist of The Secret World of Arrietty. Arrietty, according to the movie, is nearly 14 and is preparing for her first year of borrowing. She is very adventurous and likes exploring the garden and collecting different plants for decorating her room.
The Wind Rises (2)Giovanni Battista Caproni
a famous Italian airplane designer who inspiresJiro Horikoshito become also an airplane designer.
The Wind Rises (3)Kayo Horikoshi
is the sister ofJiro HorikoshiShe is often seen wearing a red kimono carries pink bag.
The Wind Rises (4)Mrs. Kurokawa
is the wife of Mr. Kurokawa who is Jiro’s boss who works at the airplane factory. She also allows Jiro and Naoko to stay in their home when Naoko suddenly reappears to marry Jiro.
The Wind Rises (5)Jirô Horikoshi
has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and he wears a white suit with a blue tie and white pants. He also wears black glasses and white hat.
The Wind Rises (6)Hattori
he appears for the first time on Jiro’s first day in the company.
The Wind Rises (7)Mr. Kurokawa
is first seen whenJirogoes the working at designs the plane and sketching.

Production Credits

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Directed byHayao Miyazaki
Produced byToshio Suzuki
Screenplay byHayao Miyazaki
Based onThe Wind Has Risen
byTatsuo Hori
Music byJoe Hisaishi
CinematographyAtsushi Okui
Edited byTakeshi Seyama


Distributed byToho

Release date

  • July20,2013(Japan)

Voice Casting

Jiro HorikoshiHideaki Anno[12]Joseph Gordon-Levitt[13]
Nahoko SatomiMiori TakimotoEmily Blunt
Kiro HonjoHidetoshi NishijimaJohn Krasinski
KurokawaMasahiko NishimuraMartin Short
CastorpStephen AlpertWerner Herzog
SatomiMorio KazamaWilliam H. Macy
Jiro’s motherKeiko TakeshitaEdie Mirman
Kayo HorikoshiMirai ShidaMae Whitman
HattoriJun KunimuraMandy Patinkin
Mrs. KurokawaShinobu OtakeJennifer Grey
Giovanni Battista CaproniNomura MansaiStanley Tucci
KinuMae Whitman
SoneElijah Wood
Mitsubishi employeeRonan Farrow
Young JiroKaichi KaburagiZach Callison
Young KayoMaki ShintaEva Bella
Young NahokoMayu IinoMadeleine Rose Yen
KatayamaDarren Criss
Flight EngineerDavid Cowgill

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What illness does Naoko Satomi have? ›

As Jiro plans to marry Naoko, he soon learns that Naoko has tuberculosis and she doesn't want to marry Jiro until she recovers. Therefore, she decides to go to a sanatorium to recover, but, cannot bear to be apart from Jiro and returns to marry him.

What's the message of The Wind Rises? ›

In The Wind Rises, Airplanes Are Beautiful Dreams

In other words: is it really worth fulfilling your dreams when doing so might cause so much pain? 'Airplanes are beautiful dreams. Engineers turn dreams into reality,' he also once says, to which Jiro eventually replies, 'Airplanes are cursed dreams.

What happened to Naoko at the end of The Wind Rises? ›

Following a lung hemorrhage, Nahoko recovers in a mountain sanatorium but cannot bear being apart from Jiro and returns to marry him. Jiro's sister Kayo, a doctor, warns Jiro that his marriage to Nahoko will end tragically as tuberculosis is incurable.

Is The Wind Rises Based on a true story? ›

Inspired by the true life of warplane designer Jiro Horikoski during the Second World War, and the writings of Tatsuo Hori (who wrote The Wind Has Risen), the Studio Ghibli animated classic The Wind Rises breathes life into Japan's historic past and illuminates the country's descent into war.

Why did they bully Naoko? ›

Naoko was bullied in her middle school for being "weird", mainly by Naruto Kuroki, Asumi, Saki and Arata. The bullying ranged from having her hair or clothes forcefully cut to them just beating her up.

Did Naoko get her face back? ›

It's soon revealed that Naoko's body was fully healed and lives in a mansion with a doctor. The doctor found Naoko barley alive and nursed her back to health and returned her face to what it once was, but she suffered from amnesia.

What did the wind symbolize? ›

The wind symbolises the raw and brutal power of nature. The wind god is a symbol of might and strength. He hates weaklings.

What is the climax of The Wind Rises? ›

At the film's arresting climax, Jiro attends his crowning professional (and military) triumph and is horrified when he realises that something terrible has happened and that he has been oblivious. We cut to Japan in flames again, all Jiro's aircraft destroyed.

What was the meaning of the end of the movie the wind? ›

The end of The Wind discloses that Lizzy was overcome with rage and jealousy coupled with prairie madness. Unable to bear that her husband might be sleeping with Emma, she shoots her in the face with her gun. Isaac and Gideon assume that Emma committed suicide.

Who does Jiro marry in The Wind Rises? ›

Naoko Satomi is the deuteragonist of The Wind Rises. She was the wife of Jiro Horikoshi.

Who does Jiro fall in love with in The Wind Rises? ›

But as the film progresses we see the very driven and methodic Jiro fall in love with Naoko Satomi, a woman that Jiro first meets during the Great Kanto Earthquake when she was a child but with whom he reconnects with in later life at a resort in Karuizawa.

Who does Jiro end up with in The Wind Rises? ›

Bittersweet Ending: Jiro finally fulfilled his dream of designing the perfect aircraft in his mind, and he is married to the woman he loves, Naoko.

Why is The Wind Rises controversial? ›

And it's the most controversial animated movie in recent memory. That's because The Wind Rises is a sympathetic biography of a man whose work contributed to Japan's brutal campaign of imperialist aggression during World War II.

How old was Naoko? ›

Naoko Satomi

Arrietty, according to the movie, is nearly 14 and is preparing for her first year of borrowing. She is very adventurous and likes exploring the garden and collecting different plants for decorating her room.

What illness does the woman have in The Wind Rises? ›

He had always been fascinated by aviation but was unable to become a pilot due to a medical condition. As rumors of war escalate, Horikoshi reunites with a young woman he met shortly after his big move. The two fall deeply in love, just as the young woman falls ill with tuberculosis.

How did Naoko get burned? ›

Naruto Kuroki: He is the one responsible for burning Naoko's face during the Pumpkin Queen event by putting sulfuric acid and filling polyethylene bags into the Pumpkin head. Asumi Nakatani: One if the few people that laughed when Naoko had the " Accident ". She was seen to be popular and a horrible person.

Why is Naoko Takeuchi important? ›

Naoko Takeuchi is best known as the creator of Sailor Moon, and her forte is in writing girls' romance manga.

What anime is the girl mute? ›

'The Shape of Voice') is a 2016 Japanese animated drama film produced by Kyoto Animation, directed by Naoko Yamada and written by Reiko Yoshida, featuring character designs by Futoshi Nishiya and music by Kensuke Ushio.
A Silent Voice (film)
A Silent Voice
Screenplay byReiko Yoshida
Based onA Silent Voice by Yoshitoki Ōima
20 more rows

How old is Jiro in the wind rises? ›

In 1918, fifteen-year-old Jiro Horikoshi (Jiro Horikoshi (Hideako Anno in the Japanese version, Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the English dub) wants nothing more than to become a pilot but is let down by his poor eyesight.

Is Naoko Takeuchi a doctor? ›

Takeuchi graduated from the Kyoritsu College of Pharmacy, where she received a degree in chemistry and became a licensed pharmacist.

Is Pumpkin Night over? ›

NEW! “Pumpkin Night” is going on hiatus. The publication of the horror manga will be on pause until around July, leaving more time for new chapters of the series to be drawn. Anime News Network reports how the manga's creators—Masaya Hokazono and Nao Kurebayashi—announced the series' hiatus on Wednesday.

What is the hidden or symbolic message of the poem wind? ›

Written by Subramania Bharati, the poem 'Wind' is a symbolic poem. The wind symbolises all difficulties, obstacles, struggles, and obstructions that we have to face in life. Through the symbol of wind, the poet teaches its readers an important lesson that one must be strong and bold.

What do the last four lines of the poem means to you? ›

The last four lines convey the message that those who are not determined and lack confidence face defeat. And those who set their targets and make sincere efforts are not disturbed by any obstacle.

Why is the wind called god? ›

Answer: Wind has been called 'god' because, like 'god', he uses his power to remove and crush the undesirable, weak things.

What caused the fire in The Wind Rises? ›

One of the early scenes of the film shows Jiro on his way to university in Tokyo, when the 1923 Kanto earthquake struck. One of the deadliest in history, the quake sparked fires around the capital, burning it almost entirely to the ground, killing roughly 140,000 and leaving nearly two million homeless.

What is the plot of The Wind Rises? ›

Do they get married in The Wind Rises? ›

After some months of going back to his work, Jiro continues to work on the chief design of his first successful aircraft in the home of his manager. Naoko, meanwhile, has been recuperating in an airplane sanatorium, but, cannot bear being apart from Jiro. They quickly get married through an impromptu wedding.

What does Scarlett realize at the end of Gone with the Wind? ›

Scarlett realizes that she loves and depends on Melanie and that Ashley has been only a fantasy for her. She concludes that she truly loves Rhett. After Melanie dies, Scarlett hurries to tell Rhett of her revelation. Rhett, however, says that he has lost his love for Scarlett, and he leaves her.

What does fart in The Wind mean? ›

Noun. fart in a windstorm (plural farts in a windstorm or farts in windstorms) (idiomatic, mildly vulgar) Something utterly insignificant, ineffective, or fleeting.

Is there a demon in The Wind? ›

There are demons at the heart of “The Wind,” but it's not the one whose physical manifestation makes life hellish. Instead the evil is more ethereal — the isolation that haunts every square inch of a little house on a vast prairie.

How did Naoko Satomi died? ›

After choosing to focus on designing his plane, Horikoshi learns one of his acquaintances from the hotel, a German expat, has likely been captured by Japan's secret police. Satomi's illness worsens, forcing her to retreat to a sanatorium in the mountains, where she ultimately dies.

Does Jiro end up with Akari? ›

When Akari was very upset from Minami Tenjin showing at the festival with another girl and Jirō was there later to comfort her, Akari's feelings for Jirō gets stronger and she spends most of her time with him. At the end of this chapter, Akari marries Jirō who she basically has not losing himself.

Does Jiro have a wife? ›

And it chronicles the life of Jiro's wife, Nahoko, a fictional character from Hori Tatsuo's acclaimed novel, on which the film is loosely based. Miyazaki describes the tragic fate of the young couple in the maelstrom of prewar Japan.

Why did Jiro become a hero? ›

Despite her parents desires for her to become a musician, she decided to become a hero instead because she wanted to dedicate her work to others. When she told her parents about her plans, they were happy for her and let her walk her own path.

Is Jiro male or female? ›

Jirō or Jiro (じろう, ジロウ) is a stand-alone Japanese given name along with "Tarō", and a common name suffix for males.

Does Jiro have siblings? ›

Jiro has an excellent relationship with his twin brother Ichiro.

How old is Jiro in the movie? ›

A documentary on 85-year-old sushi master Jiro Ono, his renowned Tokyo restaurant, and his relationship with his son and eventual heir, Yoshikazu.

What happened to Jiro Horikoshi? ›

Horikoshi died of pneumonia in a Tokyo hospital on 11 January 1982, aged 78. His obituary was covered in several major newspapers around the world.

Why did HBO ban Gone with the Wind? ›

Gone with the Wind has been taken off HBO Max following calls for it to be removed from the US streaming service. HBO Max said the 1939 film was "a product of its time" and depicted "ethnic and racial prejudices" that "were wrong then and are wrong today".

Why did HBO Max remove Gone with the Wind? ›

“These racist depictions were wrong then and are wrong today, and we felt that to keep this title up without an explanation and a denouncement of those depictions would be irresponsible. These depictions are certainly counter to WarnerMedia's values.”

Why did HBO pull Gone with the Wind? ›

Amid ongoing protests over racist policing and a long-overdue racial reckoning that spans multiple industries, HBO Max has temporarily removed the 1939 Civil War drama Gone With the Wind from its online streaming slate. Below, all the details on the controversy.

Why can't Jiro be a pilot? ›

In 1918, Jiro Horikoshi is a young Japanese boy growing up with his mother and young sister. Jiro has very poor eyesight (hence his Coke bottle style glasses), which gets in the way of his dream to become a pilot.

Is Naoko Japanese? ›

The name Naoko is girl's name of Japanese origin meaning "obedient child". Naoko is a common Japanese name with an admirable meaning, which, depending on how it's written, can translate to obedient, straight, honest, or green child. Naoko can also be spelled Nahoko.

Why did Naoko leave Jiro? ›

As Jiro plans to marry Naoko, he soon learns that Naoko has tuberculosis and she doesn't want to marry Jiro until she recovers.

What is the message of The Wind Rises? ›

In The Wind Rises, Airplanes Are Beautiful Dreams

In other words: is it really worth fulfilling your dreams when doing so might cause so much pain? 'Airplanes are beautiful dreams. Engineers turn dreams into reality,' he also once says, to which Jiro eventually replies, 'Airplanes are cursed dreams.

Who is the German man in The Wind Rises? ›

Hans Castorp, the German man at the hotel, has the same name as the main character from The Magic Mountain. In this book, Hans has tuberculosis, similar to a character in the film.

What was Naoko illness in Norwegian Wood? ›

It shows how Toru Watanabe, the narrator gets recovered from his trauma through a purgatory solitary journey while Naoko, the main female character develops post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and ends up killing herself.

What happened Naoko Satomi? ›

Following a lung hemorrhage, Naoko recuperates in an alpine sanatorium but cannot bear being apart from Jiro, and returns to marry him.

What do you think happened to Naoko? ›

Early in the autumn of 1970, just as Naoko seems on the brink of recovery—and poised to move to Tokyo to live with Toru and be his girlfriend at last—she takes her own life, hanging herself in the forest just beyond the Ami Hostel.

What did Naoko have? ›

He periodically visits, but after some hopeful signs Naoko's fragile mental health deteriorates, and she descends into schizophrenia.

Why did Watanabe sleep with Reiko? ›

He notes that having Reiko show up wearing Naoko's clothes, and having Watanabe sleep with her as part of their wake for Naoko, means that Watanabe is in fact choosing Naoko, and living with his memories of her, over Midori and life and the future.

What does Naoko do after realizing she Cannot control her depression? ›

Realizing that she cannot control herself or her depression, Naoko seeks help at a mental institution. Toru, still madly in love with her, visits Naoko during her stay. Toru meets Naoko's roommate, a musician named Reiko, and the three quickly become very close.

Did Toru and Midori end up together? ›

Toru Watanabe doesn't go to Midori, and that was the last conversation they had. The book ends with the standard Murakami ending, which leaves in thinking and deciding what could've been the end.

Why does Naoko keep on insisting not to forget her? ›

Toru's loyalty to Naoko—and Naoko's repeated insistence that Toru try to move on, forget her, or leave her be—represents a recurring emotional struggle between the two of them, a tense expression of their shared self-loathing that will come to define their relationship.

Was Midori Reiko's student? ›

There was plenty more afterwards to confirm that Midori was just as crazy. Do you think that Reiko knew that Midori was her previous student, and decided to keep it to herself?

What does Norwegian Wood symbolize? ›

From the title of the novel, inspired by a Beatles song, to the quiet mountain forest where Naoko retreats in an attempt to heal her depression, Norwegian Wood is full of references to forests and woods. Throughout the book, these areas symbolize the dense, shadowy realms of both adolescence and mental illness.


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